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Principle Point helps companies plan and implement the best marketing strategy solution.  We start from the ground up, addressing the question - what is marketing? - and the role it plays in our client's overall business.

We provide our clients with the information and insights needed to make informed decisions. We investigate customer behavior to understand market needs across industry segments, user roles and core financial, emotional and education drivers. Principle point then works hand in hand with the client to create innovative marketing strategies that generate maximum results.


Program Evaluation – The experts at Principle Point can work with you to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing or proposed marketing campaigns. We will provide you with information and advice to help you make informed decision. We can provide the structure you need to evaluate your efforts and create metrics to measure them by.

Key Message Development – Getting the most effective messages to your audience is key to rapid results. If your messages are off-target, they will not have the desired effect, costing you sales or costing you money. Principle Point has a developed program to help companies identify their key messages and test them in the real world.

Integrated Sales and Marketing Campaigns – Make the most out of your people and your target audience. Generate leads for sales and help sales get to the close faster. Principle Point can show you how to work with database marketing and advertising agencies to develop campaigns that will not only create sales, but help your sales force generate better customers.

Market Evaluation – We help companies determine which markets they should go after and which are the most profitable. Our experience in biotechnology, medical products, semiconductor and emerging industries markets give us access to information and the experience necessary to help you evaluate your markets.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – What could be more important that your relationship with your customer? Our consultants can help you find the right in-house or contract CRM solution for your company. We have 10+ years experience in creating relationships between companies and customers.

Strategic Planning – There is a direct relationship from strategic planning to long-term profitable growth. A comprehensive strategic plan can outline the next year and the next five years. It will help you budget, plan and make long-term and short-term decisions. It is the cornerstone of a great marketing, advertising and branding program. Principle Point can facilitate this process for your company.

Annual Report – Nobody dreads the annual report like the company that has to put one out. If it is a bad year, how do you position the company positively? What are the subtle messages that are being communicated? Who will do the writing? Who will produce it? What will it cost? Principle Point’s experts have worked through all of these issues and we can make your annual headache better.


Direct Sales – What good is marketing if you can’t sell your product or services? We can help your company provide a direct sales force.

Sales Program Evaluation – It is often the case that a company needs an outside perspective to help them evaluate the success of their efforts. We can help you see clearly.

Sales Force Evaluation – Based on your needs, we can recommend the appropriate form for sales force. Direct, channel or partner.

Sales Tool Development – We can help your company develop effective sales tools tailored to the conversation your sales force has with the customer.

Sales Training – Our consultants have years of experience mentoring and training sales people. Let us teach them some new tricks.

Continuous Sales – We can help your company establish and implement sales processes to maintain momentum after the engagement.

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