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Your corporate logo says so much about your company - for better or for worse.  A simple, powerful logo design can bolster your brand with memorability and recall, while an overly complex or confusing logo only gets in the way.  Often start-up companies skimp on this important aspect of their brand, leaving a poor impression with potential customers, partners or investors.  At the other extreme, companies sometimes expect too much from their logo, as if the perfect icon can carry the brand.  Your 'brand' is not just your logo, but everything having to do with your company.  Striking the perfect balance between these two extremes can make a big impact on your brand's perception.

Principle Point creates highly professional designs that stand out and get noticed.  We review the company and product logos in your space to ensure uniqueness.  We spend time on the typography, color scheme and custom art to provide visible distinction.  And by focusing on simplicity and distinctiveness, Principle Point creates designs that are durable, lasting as your company grows.

Principle Point works with a wide range of companies, offering:

  • Icon Design
  • Logotype Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Brand Look & Feel
  • Branding

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