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If you are looking for an agency in Austin, Texas that knows biotech advertising, look no more. We focus on the science, not the flash. Brand advertising doesn't generate results in biotech and the life sciences.  Biotech advertising doesn't need funny headlines or flashy images. Through our experience in the laboratory and on the client side of business, we‘ve learned what it takes to make sales happen for biotech and medical products.  Getting to know the pains of the primary investigator, the researcher, or the lab manager provides opportunities for a conversation.  Speaking to these customers in their own laboratory language builds trust. And conveying just enough benefits and supporting facts gets the purchaser engaged.

Our agency founders have worked both on the client and agency side with large and small biotech companies in Austin and around the world. We have start-up experience as well as experience in publicly traded companies in sales, marketing and advertising roles. We also understand and appreciate the promotional limitations for regulated drugs, devices and diagnostics, such as for OTC, RUO, ASR or 510k products. We have done RNA product marketing, DNA product marketing, protein product marketing and many other product specialty areas.

Principle Point offers proven solutions to the growing challenges in the biotech & life science industries. We combine innovative and creative marketing strategies that deliver real-world results. Our ability to respond with highly-effective marketing strategies and proven sales tools gives you the assurance you need to perform your day-to-day responsibilities with peace of mind.

Past Biotech Advertising Clients

  • Ambion Diagnostics
  • Animal ID
  • Asuragen
  • Esoterix Labs
  • Luminex Corporation
  • MCRI (On-X) Heart Valves

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