Successful Traits: Interactive and creative work with pharmacogenomics company

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When we first met with Asuragen, we were thoroughly impressed with their Pharmacogenomics testing, their Genetic Diagnostic Kits and their CLIA Lab Services.  And we were more impressed that they wanted to match their technology with successful high-tech marketing, putting the best face on their webinars, website, and the data provided to their customers.  Having worked with them previously to provide consistency in logo usage, colors and product descriptions, we understood their basic technology and how they were positioned as a company.  

Principle Point earned Asuragen's respect when we helped them to create compelling, genomic-themed, interactive graphics to support their No More Southern Blots webinar series.  This involved multiple rounds of graphic design, presentations, HTML coding and some copy writing.

During the course of our discussion of their graphics, webinars and website needs, a number of graphic design and interactive media questions arose.  We have since helped them to optimize their website's online partner locator map, an interactive tool showing over 40 regions of the world, highlighting each region with complete contact information as you mouse over it.  The map was created in HTML 5.

Principle Point also helped Asuragen to modify their genomic data output to include a slick, interactive navigation tool driven from the hard drive provided with the client's data output.  This solution was created in HTML 5.

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