Micro Particles, Macro Results: Turning life science research into revenues

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By 2005, Luminex had emerged on the genomics and proteomics landscape, getting its microsphere assay platform into high-level research laboratories such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Centers for Disease Control, ARUP Laboratories and the Broad Institute.  With nearly 1,000 research publications being based on their technology, a Nature article was bound to happen.  In June 2005, research led by the Broad Institute was published in Nature, using Luminex xMAP technology to identify important correlations between microRNA (miRNA) and cancer (Nature 435, 834-838 (9 June 2005)).

Converting exciting research into a business opportunity and sales revenues required more than a simple brochure and web page.  Principle Point started from the foundation, helping Luminex to identify labs who might be interested in microRNA research products.  As a result of our initial planning efforts we delivered a sound marketing strategy upon which to base downstream programs and tactics.  By building a target list of customers and an algorithm to identify future customers, we avoided the poor response rates of traditional advertising and direct mail.

Principle Point created packaging, data sheets and a product manual for Luminex's new FlexmiR product line.  Our end-to-end consulting also included lead generation, direct mail and advertising campaigns, as well as the creation of a product ordering website.  Our unique understanding of the life science sales process coupled with an understanding of the science itself made us more than just a consultant, more than just an agency, but truly a valued business partner to Luminex.

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