Invention Capital: Marketing For A Biotech Venture Fund

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In 2006, Emergent Technologies was on the brink of closing a $27 million technology venture fund.  As they embarked on selecting intellectual property from the University of Texas and eventually launching and managing technology start-ups, partners at Principle Point contributed foundational marketing efforts such as strategic marketing planning, market research, and marketing communications.

We worked with Emergent’s technology assessment team to evaluate market potential of new technologies, to perform competitive analyses and to develop market briefs for business negotiations.  This involved both evaluating online market research sources as well as performing primary competitive research.

Marketing communications efforts headed by our team included multi-level branding, positioning, and public relations as well as joint marketing across ETI’s portfolio of 17 companies.  By pooling resources of all portfolio companies, we created an internal marketing cooperative to maximize purchasing power and ROI for these start-ups. 

Public relations included planning and writing press releases, preparing press-ready marketing materials and authoring articles and white papers on behalf of both Emergent and its portfolio companies.  We also managed investor relations, writing and designing quarterly investor reports and compiling financial data for all Emergent funds and portfolio companies.

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