Heart of Gold: How we helped a heart-valve company create sales

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Medical Carbon Research Institute, LLC (MCRI) was founded by Jack Bokros, Ph.D. in 1994 to develop prosthetic heart valve technology using pyrolytic carbon.  As with most startup healthcare companies, MCRI had lots of engineering specs, highly technical performance data, and research publications to support their early development.

After MCRI's first product received FDA approval, they reached out to Principle Point to develop strategies and materials to turn the 'engineering speak' into sales-ready materials.  Principle Point helped create sales tools and marketing programs to put their new product on the map with clinicians and surgeons.  We worked with MCRI on education programs with cardiologists and surgeons, including seminars, dinners, tradeshows and poster development.

Principle Point's marketing communications materials included advertising, brochures, catalogs, spec sheets and direct mail pieces. Principle Point also created surgery support materials and sales automation tools.  As with all of Principle Point's work, our focus was on benefits and brand differentiation rather than abstract creativity.

In 2007, MCRI changed its name to On-X Life Technologies, Inc. (On-X LTI), the name of its heart valve product brand.


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