Conversion Factors: We helped a fitness company turn market enthusiasm into customer loyalty

Nexersys Website Redesign
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Nexersys Home Market Brochure
Nexersys Brochure for Pro Users
Nexersys Brochure for Commercial Gyms
Nexersys Consumer Fitness Ads

Nexersys is one of the coolest pieces of cross-training equipment we've ever seen.  When we saw it, we wanted to buy it.  The marketing team knows that their invention has great sex appeal, and so they invested heavily in marketing efforts to show the equipment in action.  These efforts included tv commercials, print ads and web banner ads.  But how do you convert the market enthusiasm churned up by these marketing campaigns into sales?  

We helped the Nexersys team to funnel their initial leads into a powerful ecommerce-driven website.  TV commercials, print ads and banner ads pointed customers to web landing pages with forms that captured contact information and immediately began segmenting the leads. Home fitness leads were directed to one team and one campaign pathway, Professional fitness leads to another, and Commercial fitness leads to an entirely different business development team.

Principle Point then worked with the Nexersys team to create unique identifiers for each incoming lead that didn't close quickly.  Using the client's CRM tools, promotional campaigns were directed toward previous leads who had been interested at one time but had chosen not to purchase for some reason.  Perhaps an additional feature had been added, bikini season was rapidly approaching, or a Father's Day discount was now applied.  Contacts with renewed interest now became Prospects, receiving a modified outreach campaign for special deals or with direct phone calls from senior sales reps or the CEO himself.  Laggard contacts were 'incubated' with occasional email campaigns or phone call follow ups from the sales team.  Eventually those who were determined not likely to purchase were relegated to the 'dead lead' pile.

Prospects who were converted to Customers were then moved to a new customer cadence program to foster continued loyalty and evangelism of the product.  The cadence started with a 'Congratulations on your purchase' email from the CEO, followed by a series of touch points to gather feedback on shipping & assembly, initial usage of the product and ongoing usage of the product.  Market research gathered from these customers was quantitative in nature, allowing a numerical tracking of customer satisfaction with key product features, reliability of the product, general satisfaction, and other parameters.

By anticipating the pathway and potential bottlenecks of the sales process, Nexersys was able to optimize its close rate at each step of the pathway, converting Leads to Prospects, Prospects to Customers, and Customers to Loyalists.

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