Biotech Marketing Word Cloud
At some point during graduate school, I had an epiphany about communication.  Who were the most successful scientists in my field?  Often they were those who communicated best – both in speaking and in writing.  After all, everyone in the field has a high aptitude for scientific concepts, principles and even math and statistics.  But what made the best of scientists stand out was ability to show the importance of their research to others, to explain complex ideas in... + read more
CEO of Biotech Start-Up:  We don't need any marketing, we're in our start up phase. Principle Point:  We understand you have limited funds and are still developing your product. However... We've heard it a million times.  But, Principle Point is in the business of marketing, so of course we think everybody needs marketing...right? On the contrary, we have also worked on the client side at start-ups, balancing sales and marketing budgets with incomplete or yet-to-be-... + read more
"Quality is everyone’s job." This quote has been so widely adopted that it is difficult to trace its original source (the likely originator is noted American business consultant W. Edwards Deming).  It is perhaps the simplest statement of truth that a company can instill in its employees. A similar truth exists in branding.  Branding is not an isolated marketing expense or a short-term strategy to ‘get the word out’.  Your brand is an all-... + read more
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Biotech Marketing Word Cloud
published 8 years 7 months ago
published 8 years 8 months ago

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