Deep in the heart of biotech

Principle Point works with biotech and life science companies worldwide to develop winning marketing strategies and marketing communications that stand out.

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Web designs that stand out

We build, design and manage websites for our clients that help them make sales, run their business and look good. Our Websites are second to none.

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Direct marketing experts

Direct marketing, direct mail, email marketing, it's all the same. You try to create a relationship with your customer and prospect and get them to engage. That's what we do.

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Advertising smarts

We create traditional print, online and digital advertising that looks great, is measurable and more importantly, makes the phones ring and the sales people happy.

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Rise above the noise.  Put Principle Point's creative intellect to work for you.

Marketing Strategy • Web Designs • Advertising • Digital Media • Internet Solutions • Public Relations • Scientific Writing

Signal-to-noise improvement

We help you to find your identity, your voice and your audience.  Then, we help you stand out so that life scientists, physicians or consumers can find you.  more>

Smart Creative for Smart People

It’s not enough to have a cool technology or an exciting product.  Life scientists are smart, but they are also busy.  We help you stand out and grab their attention.

‘To-the-point’ messaging

The complexity of scientific subjects is problematic for copy writing.  We believe less is more and seek to simplify your technical message for greatest impact. more>

Recent Projects

Our work is geared toward results, and we'd like to share some of our experiences. You can also browse our Products Portfolio Page.

Nexersys Website Redesign

Nexersys is one of the coolest pieces of cross-training equipment we've ever seen... + details

When we first met with Asuragen, we were thoroughly impressed with their... + details

In 2000, Ambion took its highly successful RNA research business into the... + details

By 2005, Luminex had emerged on the genomics and proteomics landscape, getting... + details

Medical Carbon Research Institute, LLC (MCRI) was founded by ... + details

In 2006, Emergent Technologies was on the brink of closing a $27 million... + details

Our Clients

Principle Point works with a number of life science and technology companies, ranging from start ups to established market leaders.

Myzelle Biolabs
Myzelle Biolabs
Lone Star Overnight
Lone Star Overnight
Bioo Scientific
Bioo Scientific
St. Jude Medical
St. Jude Medical

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